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Private tours and visa-free shore excursions in St Petersburg

Hello. My name is Alisa.   I  am a licensed private guide in St Petersburg  and  owner of Petersburgtrip private tours. We offer private tours and visa-free shore excursions  in St Petersburg, Russia that combine “must see” places  and charming, but still off the beaten track sights that large   groups generally miss.  

Advantages of our tours of St Petersburg:

  • We care.  We are a small company, so I answer all the e-mails personally within 12 hours. We are not just licenced and  knowledgable guides, more importantly,  we are  nice and honest people. We are proud of St Petersburg and want you to love it as well.
  • Flexibility. All our tours and visa-free shore excursions of St Petersburg can be customized according to your wishes and needs for free.
  • Skip the line entrance to the main museums. We appreciate your time.
  • Get more local experience. Very often you can choose between public transportation and a private car.  Moving around by public transport you save money, travel “local style” and can be more flexible with time.  A private car is more comfortable, it is helpful if you have little children or want to cover many places in a short period of time. We have lunches in inexpensive cafes where locals go and where you can try Russian cuisine (or any other food that you like).
  • You spend your time in the museums and in the streets of the city, not the unwanted  "best souvenir shops" unless you ask for some shopping time yourself.
  • No hidden costs. Our tour prices include guide's service, museum tickets and transportation costs. Prices for the tours and shore excursions are quoted per group.