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Private tours and shore excursions in St Petersburg

Hello. My name is Alisa.   I  am a licensed private guide in St Petersburg  and  owner of Petersburgtrip private tours. We offer private tours and visa-free shore excursions  in St Petersburg, Russia that combine “must see” places  and charming, but still off the beaten track sights that large   groups generally miss.  A local private guide will give you a feeling of what it’s like to live in St Petersburg, so we often walk or travel by public transport (a private vehicle can be arranged upon agreement as well).

Advantages of our services in St Petersburg:

  • Save on a private  car   if you don’t need it. Our tours are mostly designed as walking or we use public transport to get to the sights, but a private car can be arranged upon agreement. Using public transport  you save money, travel “local style” and can be more flexible with time – no need to run from museum  to the car rented for specified time when you feel that you haven’t seen enough.
  • Spend maximum time in the places you like. If you are taking a day guided tour to  suburban residences such as Tsarskoe Selo or Peterhof (by public transport), you can stay there as long as you wish.  I strongly believe that it’s impossible to see these places properly during the short time given by standard tours. We will adjust to your pace. Please note that a private car is mandatory for cruise ship passengers who visit suburbs.
  • The guide meets you at your hotel before all  tours. Don’t waste your precious time trying to find out how to get to the meeting place in the unknown city or waiting for other members of the group tours.  There are so many places to see in St Petersburg!
  • We are doing our best to make our tours affordable, informative and entertaining.
  • We offer visa-free shore excursions. 
  • Skip the line entrance to the main museums



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