Alexander palace

Alexander palace in Tsarskoe SeloAlexander Palace in Tsarskoe Selo was presented by Catherine II to her eldest grandson, the future Emperor Alexander I, on the occasion of his marriage. Today the palace is famous for the fact that it was the last home of Russian  emperor Nicholas II and his family before their exile to Siberia.

Once considered the finest example of classicism in St Petersburg, Alexander palace suffered greatly during WWII and later  in soviet period as it  housed different soviet institutions. Today huge restoration works are being carried on and a part of the palace is open for visitors.

Why visit Alexander palace?

royal toys alexander palaceThe most interesting thing in Alexander palace is an exhibition dedicated to the last royal family: you can see pictures of the original interiors (a few rooms are restored), period furniture and some personal belongings of the royal family. Although it doesn’t shock you with its splendid interiors as the famous Catherine palace and honestly some rooms could be in better condition, it really gives an idea of the every day life of the royal family and you even get a feeling of being in their “home”, not in the palace, there.

Alexander palace is situated in Alexander park, a short walk from the Catherine palace.

alexander palace parkWorking hours: 10:00 -18:00, ticket office till 17:00
Closed on Tuesdays and the last Wednesday of each month.

You can a book a private tour of the Catherine and Alexander palaces