Museum of railway transport in Saint-Petersburg

In October 2017 the new museum of railway transport was opened in St Petersburg, Russia. It’s the largest museum of this kind in Europe that occupies more than 50000 m2 and exhibits 115 trains,  steam locomotives and coaches from the beginning of the XX century […]

visa st petersburg cruise

St Petersburg cruise visa

Many of those who are coming to St Petersburg on a cruise wonder if they need a visa to Russia. Good news is that according to the law cruise ship passengers arriving in St Petersburg may stay in Russia visa-free for up to 72 hours […]

Top 10 St Petersburg tourist attractions

It is considered that there are more than 200 museums in St Petersburg and of course hardly anyone has visited all of them. As a first-time visitor who has just a few days in the city, you need to know what the most important attractions […]

Faberge museum visit

Faberge museum is the newest and probably the most anticipated museum in St Petersburg. It holds 14 large Faberge eggs, the majority of which used to belong to Russian royal family, today it is the largest collection of that type in the world. Besides that, […]

Nicholas palace folk show

Folk show at the Nicholas palace is one of the oldest in St Petersburg. It’s  popular because it’s available almost all year round, but  during the “low” tourist season, mainly in winter, they may have it not every day, but only when they get enough […]

The Siege of Leningrad museum

Blockade museum overview The Siege of Leningrad museum is dedicated to one of the most difficult periods of soviet history. Starting from September 8, 1941 the city was surrounded by the enemy for almost 900 days and although the exact number of victims is still […]

kelh mansion st petersburg

Behind closed doors

There are many amazing private mansions in St Petersburg. Some of them now belong to different institutions, so people can hardly see the stunning interiors hidden behind  closed doors. I was lucky to visit  Kelh’s house, one of the most beautiful and hard to visit […]

grand maket of russia museum

The Grand maket of Russia

Grand maket – a miniature copy of Russia The Grand Maket of Russia is one of the newest and the most popular museums in St Petersburg. It is a 800 m2 model that represents typical features of different regions of the country. One would expect […]

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