grand maket of russia museum

The Grand maket of Russia

Grand maket – a miniature copy of Russia The Grand Maket of Russia is one of the newest and the most popular museums in St Petersburg. It is a 800 m2 model that represents typical features of different regions of the country. One would expect […]

imperial porcelain factory

Imperial porcelain factory museum

St Petersburg is really famous for its porcelain produced by  Imperial Porcelain factory. Founded in 1744, the plant is still operating in our days. In my personal opinion, a porcelain piece  is the best present you can ever bring from St Petersburg: it’s locally made […]

political history museum st petersburg

Museum of political history in St Petersburg

Political history museum overview Situated not far from the  Peter and Paul fortress, St Petersburg museum of political history may be interesting for those who want to feel what life in USSR was like and see documents and even some personal belongings of the leaders […]

hermitage diamond room

Hermitage treasuries: Gold and Diamond room

Many people who come to the  Hermitage museum are also interested in visiting its treasuries – so called Gold and Diamond rooms. Actually it’s rather hard to do as the number of visitors and consequently number of  tickets is strictly limited – you can visit […]

chizik-pyzik is the smallest monument in St Petersburg

The smallest monument in St Petersburg

Chijik-Pyjik, the smallest monument in St Petersburg, measures only 11 sm and weights about 5 kilos. It is a bird sitting on an embankment of Fontanka river close to the Engineeer’s castle and the Summer garden. The monument was installed in 1994 and quickly became […]

what to eat in st petersburg - seledka pod shuboy

What to eat in St Petersburg

What to eat when you come to St Petersburg if you want to try Russian food? Here are some ideas, let’s start with salads. Olivie salad is the most typical of Russian salads, no celebration will go without it (it’s funny that the most “Russian”  […]

Pyshki – russian “donuts”

Russian donuts are called pyshki. (well, their taste is different from donuts though). They are cheap and loved by everyone. There is a cafe that serves pyshki in St Petersburg that has been around since 1960-s! It’s situated on Bolshaya Konyushennaya street, 25 in the […]

metro in st petersburg

Metro in St Petersburg

How to use metro in St Petersburg Metro is the most popular means of public transport in St Petersburg as almost half of the citizens are using it daily. Currently we have 5 metro lines our city  that connect residential and central parts of the […]

sapsan high-speed train

Sapsan train from Moscow to St Petersburg

Sapsan is a high-speed train running between St Petersburg and Moscow. As a trip between the two capitals takes only from 3,5 to 4,5  hours, Sapsans became popular very quickly. The train  runs between the  Moscow railway station in St Petersburg and Leningrad railway station […]

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