narodovolets submarine

D2 “Narodovolets” submarine

Even some natives of Saint-Petersburg wonder when I say that there is a real submarine you can visit in our city.   «Narodovolets» was  one of the first soviet submarines. Built in 1929, it participated in WWII and served till 1956, then it was turned into […]

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Useful words in Russian for tourists

Here you can find some useful Russian words that will make your trip more comfortable. I won’t give you any phrases as many other sites do as I can’t figure out how you are supposed to understand the answer. 🙂 capital letters mark where the […]

Must see places in St Petersburg

Honestly, I am not that fond of different ratings as they make us believe that if one has visited some top sites he has seen the city. But every now and then we  are short of time and are forced to choose the best from […]

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How long should I stay in St Petersburg?

Of course , the amount of time you should spend in St Petersburg depends on your  interests, but I would say that you need at least 6-7 days to visit the  main attractions of the city and make 2 day- trips to its suburbs like […]

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How expensive is St Petersburg?

Luckily Saint-Petersburg is not as expensive as Moscow but I wouldn’t say  it’s a really budget place for tourists, rather you should expect average European prices. For example, a double room in a  mid-range hotel is  from  100 – 140$ per night ( and it will […]

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Is St Petersburg safe?

Saint-Petersburg is not more dangerous than any other big city in the USA or Europe. Beware of pick-pocketers in tourist areas, try not to show big sums of money or credit cards in public places and use common sense. When using public transport, especially metro, […]

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Best time to visit St Petersburg

The best time to visit  St Petersburg is May to September. Famous «white nights» last approximately from the 20th of May to the middle of July. Unfortunately during this period St Petersburg is overcrowded with tourists and  hotel rates are the highest. If I were a foreigner I […]

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