what to eat in st petersburg - seledka pod shuboy

What to eat in St Petersburg

What to eat when you come to St Petersburg if you want to try Russian food? Here are some ideas, let’s start with salads. Olivie salad is the most typical of Russian salads, no celebration will go without it (it’s funny that the most “Russian”  […]

Pyshki – russian “donuts”

Russian donuts are called pyshki. (well, their taste is different from donuts though). They are cheap and loved by everyone. There is a cafe that serves pyshki in St Petersburg that has been around since 1960-s! It’s situated on Bolshaya Konyushennaya street, 25 in the […]

metro in st petersburg

Metro in St Petersburg

How to use metro in St Petersburg Metro is the most popular means of public transport in St Petersburg as almost half of the citizens are using it daily. Currently we have 5 metro lines our city  that connect residential and central parts of the […]

sapsan high-speed train

Sapsan train from Moscow to St Petersburg

Sapsan is a high-speed train running between St Petersburg and Moscow. As a trip between the two capitals takes only from 3,5 to 4,5  hours, Sapsans became popular very quickly. The train  runs between the  Moscow railway station in St Petersburg and Leningrad railway station […]

Aurora cruiser St Petersburg

Aurora cruiser in St Pertersburg

The  cruiser  Aurora is one of the symbols of the city. It is famous for a blank shot it fired as signal to storm the Winter palace where Provisional government sat, and it was a crucial event during the October revolution of 1917. Today the […]

Alexander palace

Alexander Palace in Tsarskoe Selo ( a suburb of St Petersburg) was presented by Catherine II to her eldest grandson, the future Emperor Alexander I, on the occasion of his marriage. Today the palace is famous for the fact that it was the last home of […]

c 189 submarine st petersburg

C 189 submarine

C – 189 is the second submarine you can visit inSt Petersburg.  It is less well-known than Narodovolets, but in a way it is even more interesting as it is  not on the shore, but right in water. C-189 is a medium-size diesel-electric torpedo submarine  […]

st isaac's cathedral in saint-petersburg

St Isaac’s cathedral

St Isaac’s cathedral is one of the most impressive cathedrals in St Petersburg. It’s the fourth largest dome cathedral in the world and the biggest in our city, and it can easily hold 10000 people. The building was designed by Auguste Montferrand and  was constructed […]

Neptune fountain in Peterhof


  Peterhof fountain park Peterhof is one of the most visited former residences of Russian tsars which is mainly known for its beautiful park with several dozens of fountains and the baroque  Grand palace. Peterhof was conceived by Peter the Great as a luxurious summer […]

The Menshikov palace in St Petersburg

The Menshikov palace which once belonged to the most loyal supporter of Peter the Great – Alexander Menshikov- is now a branch of the State Hermitage museum. Menshikov palace  is situated on Universitetskaya embankment 15 in the very center of the city and is recommended […]

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