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Aurora cruiser in St Pertersburg

The  cruiser  Aurora is one of the symbols of the city. It is famous for a blank shot it fired as signal to storm the Winter palace where Provisional government sat, and it was a crucial event during the October revolution of 1917. Today the cruiser is  preserved as a museum and  you can easily […]

Alexander palace

Alexander Palace in Tsarskoe Selo ( a suburb of St Petersburg) was presented by Catherine II to her eldest grandson, the future Emperor Alexander I, on the occasion of his marriage. Today the palace is famous for the fact that it was the last home of Russian  emperor Nicholas II and his family before their exile […]

C 189 submarine

C – 189 is the second submarine you can visit inSt Petersburg.  It is less well-known than Narodovolets, but in a way it is even more interesting as it is  not on the shore, but right in water. C-189 is a medium-size diesel-electric torpedo submarine  belongs to Whiskey-class – the most mass type of submarines, […]

St Isaac’s cathedral

St Isaac’s cathedral is one of the most impressive cathedrals in St Petersburg. It’s the fourth largest dome cathedral in the world and the biggest in our city, and it can easily hold 10000 people. The building was designed by Auguste Montferrand and  was constructed between 1818-1858.  The interiors of St Isaac’s cathedral are luxuriously […]


  Peterhof fountain park Peterhof is one of the most visited former residences of Russian tsars which is mainly known for its beautiful park with several dozens of fountains and the baroque  Grand palace. Peterhof was conceived by Peter the Great as a luxurious summer residence that would stress might of Russia and symbolize its […]

The Menshikov palace in St Petersburg

The Menshikov palace which once belonged to the most loyal supporter of Peter the Great – Alexander Menshikov- is now a branch of the State Hermitage museum. Menshikov palace  is situated on Universitetskaya embankment 15 in the very center of the city and is recommended for a visit to those who are interested in the […]

Boat trips in St Petersburg

St Petersburg is sometimes called Venice of the North because of its  93 rivers and canals, so it’s no wonder that boat trips are very popular with tourists. The city looks different from water so I highly recommend you to take such a tour during your visit to St Petersburg. A boat tour lasts approximately 1 […]

Savior on Spilled Blood in St Petersburg

Savior on Spilled Blood is the most picturesque church in St Petersburg. It’s hard to believe when you look at its colorful facade that it’s built on the site where the tsar Alexander II was mortally wounded   in 1881. The official name of the  building  is the cathedral of Resurrection of Christ, but it’s generally […]

Eliseevsky store

Eliseevsky store situated right on the Nevsky prospekt is definately  the most beautiful grocery store you have ever seen. It was built in the beginning of the 20th century in art deco style for wealthy merchants, Eliseev brothers. The  amazing interiors of Eliseevsky  have recently been restored and now you can marvel at their beauty. Originally […]

Shopping in St Petersburg

Buying whatever you want is not a problem in St Petersburg even if you don’t want to go far from the Nevsky prospect (the main street of the city). If you are interested in souvenirs you can buy them at a souvenir market next to the Savior on the Spilled blood church or in one […]