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St Petersburg cruise visa

Many of those who are coming to St Petersburg on a cruise wonder if they need a visa to Russia. Good news is that according to the law cruise ship passengers arriving in St Petersburg may stay in Russia visa-free for up to 72 hours […]

Top 10 St Petersburg tourist attractions

It is considered that there are more than 200 museums in St Petersburg and of course hardly anyone has visited all of them. As a first-time visitor who has just a few days in the city, you need to know what the most important attractions […]

Shopping in St Petersburg

Buying whatever you want is not a problem in St Petersburg even if you don’t want to go far from the Nevsky prospect (the main street of the city). If you are interested in souvenirs you can buy them at a souvenir market next to […]

Prices in St Petersburg

In spite of the fact that the average salary in St Petersburg is  approximately 700- 800$ a month and  as you can guess it’s  significantly lower than salaries in Europe or in  the USA staying in the city itself is not extremely cheap. In fact, […]

How to get to the Catherine palace

The Catherine palace is one of the main attractions of St Petersburg. It’s situated in a suburb called Tsarskoe Selo (also known as Pushkin) about 25 km from St Petersburg. Unfortunately the metro doesn’t go this far, so it’s not so easy to get to […]

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Budget places to eat in St Petersburg

In spite of the fact that St Petersburg is a rather expensive city, its’ s possible to find budget places to eat even in the center. Of course, like any other big  city, Saint-Petersburg has global fast food chains like Mc Donald’s, Sbarro, KFC or […]

Souvenirs in St Petersburg

Buying souvenirs is  not a problem in St Petersburg since there are many souvenir shops along the Nevsky prospekt and some trade tents close to the main attractions. Some addresses that may be useful. Dom Knigi ( House of books) on Nevsky prospect, 28 has […]

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Useful words in Russian for tourists

Here you can find some useful Russian words that will make your trip more comfortable. I won’t give you any phrases as many other sites do as I can’t figure out how you are supposed to understand the answer. 🙂 capital letters mark where the […]

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