kelh mansion st petersburg

Behind closed doors

There are many amazing private mansions in St Petersburg. Some of them now belong to different institutions, so people can hardly see the stunning interiors hidden behind  closed doors. I was lucky to visit  Kelh’s house, one of the most beautiful and hard to visit […]

imperial porcelain factory

Imperial porcelain factory museum

St Petersburg is really famous for its porcelain produced by  Imperial Porcelain factory. Founded in 1744, the plant is still operating in our days. In my personal opinion, a porcelain piece  is the best present you can ever bring from St Petersburg: it’s locally made […]

political history museum st petersburg

Museum of political history in St Petersburg

Political history museum overview Situated not far from the  Peter and Paul fortress, St Petersburg museum of political history may be interesting for those who want to feel what life in USSR was like and see documents and even some personal belongings of the leaders […]

chizik-pyzik is the smallest monument in St Petersburg

The smallest monument in St Petersburg

Chijik-Pyjik, the smallest monument in St Petersburg, measures only 11 sm and weights about 5 kilos. It is a bird sitting on an embankment of Fontanka river close to the Engineeer’s castle and the Summer garden. The monument was installed in 1994 and quickly became […]

c 189 submarine st petersburg

C 189 submarine

C – 189 is the second submarine you can visit inSt Petersburg.  It is less well-known than Narodovolets, but in a way it is even more interesting as it is  not on the shore, but right in water. C-189 is a medium-size diesel-electric torpedo submarine  […]