Museum of railway transport in Saint-Petersburg

In October 2017 the new museum of railway transport was opened in St Petersburg, Russia. It’s the largest museum of this kind in Europe that occupies more than 50000 m2 and exhibits 115 trains,  steam locomotives and coaches from the beginning of the XX century […]

grand maket of russia museum

The Grand maket of Russia

Grand maket – a miniature copy of Russia The Grand Maket of Russia is one of the newest and the most popular museums in St Petersburg. It is a 800 m2 model that represents typical features of different regions of the country. One would expect […]

chizik-pyzik is the smallest monument in St Petersburg

The smallest monument in St Petersburg

Chijik-Pyjik, the smallest monument in St Petersburg, measures only 11 sm and weights about 5 kilos. It is a bird sitting on an embankment of Fontanka river close to the Engineeer’s castle and the Summer garden. The monument was installed in 1994 and quickly became […]

Gallery of dolls in St Petersburg

Gallery of dolls is  very nice place for kids ( and  their parents) to visit in St Petersburg. It’s    e hidden in two semi-basement rooms on  Bolshaya Morskaya street in the center of Saint-Petersburg, not far from St Isaak’s cathedral and  Mariinsky palace. Inside […]