Museum of railway transport in Saint-Petersburg

In October 2017 the new museum of railway transport was opened in St Petersburg, Russia. It’s the largest museum of this kind in Europe that occupies more than 50000 m2 and exhibits 115 trains,  steam locomotives and coaches from the beginning of the XX century […]

c 189 submarine st petersburg

C 189 submarine

C – 189 is the second submarine you can visit inSt Petersburg.  It is less well-known than Narodovolets, but in a way it is even more interesting as it is  not on the shore, but right in water. C-189 is a medium-size diesel-electric torpedo submarine  […]

narodovolets submarine

D2 “Narodovolets” submarine

Even some natives of Saint-Petersburg wonder when I say that there is a real submarine you can visit in our city.   «Narodovolets» was  one of the first soviet submarines. Built in 1929, it participated in WWII and served till 1956, then it was turned into […]