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What to eat in St Petersburg

What to eat when you come to St Petersburg if you want to try Russian food? Here are some ideas, let’s start with salads. Olivie salad is the most typical of Russian salads, no celebration will go without it (it’s funny that the most “Russian”  […]

Pyshki – russian “donuts”

Russian donuts are called pyshki. (well, their taste is different from donuts though). They are cheap and loved by everyone. There is a cafe that serves pyshki in St Petersburg that has been around since 1960-s! It’s situated on Bolshaya Konyushennaya street, 25 in the […]

Russian pancakes

Budget places to eat in St Petersburg

In spite of the fact that St Petersburg is a rather expensive city, its’ s possible to find budget places to eat even in the center. Of course, like any other big  city, Saint-Petersburg has global fast food chains like Mc Donald’s, Sbarro, KFC or […]