Hermitage treasuries: Gold and Diamond room

hermitage diamond room

hermitage diamond roomMany people who come to the  Hermitage museum are also interested in visiting its treasuries – so called Gold and Diamond rooms. Actually it’s rather hard to do as the number of visitors and consequently number of  tickets is strictly limited – you can visit Hermitage Gold and Diamond rooms  only with a guided tour.  You need to buy a separate ticket for each treasury (that is, you need to have your ticket to the Hermitage + ticket to one of the treasuries).  “Gold” and “Diamond” room tickets have the same price – 300 rubles each  at the moment.  Don’t try to visit both treasuries in one day – it’s impossible, just pick up one that is  more interesting for you. It’s prohibited to take pictures inside treasuries ( I borrowed the ones I use from the Hermitage website)

Difference between Gold and Diamond room collections

The Hermitage Diamond room  is famous for priceless gems that used to belong to the Romanov family as well as diplomatic gifts to Russian court. Also there you can find items by Faberge (they made not only Easter eggs, by the way) and some ancient gold.  I would say that the Diamond room is  more popular than “Gold” room at the moment though both are really interesting.

hermitage treasuries gold roomThe Golden room of the Hermitage concentrates on gold from  Ancient Greece, boasts the best in the world  collection of Scythian gold and demonstrates  some extremely beautiful jewelry from Eastern countries.

Important notice: it’s very   hard to get tickets  to the Gold and Diamond rooms, especially in summer. Unlike the tickets to the main buildings of the Hermitage, tickets to the treasuries are not sold online. If you want to have them, you need to come very early in the morning and be one of the first people in the line to the ticket office.  Usually  they have only one scheduled tour of Gold and  Diamond rooms  in English a day (they have information about them next to ticket offices).
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