How to get to Tsarskoe Selo (catherine palace)

Train to Trarskoe Selo

There are several ways to get to Pushkin (former Tsarskoye Selo), one of the most beautiful suburbs of Saint-Petersburg, where you can admire the famous Catherine’s palace with its Amber room  as well as many other historic monuments. First of all, you can take a local  train from Vitebsky train station (next to Pushkinskaya metro station) or from Kupchino metro station.

Once you are at Tsarskoe Selo  train station, you can either  walk or take   buses 371 or 382 or commercial buses (called marshrutka in Russian) # № 371, 377, 382 that stop next to the park where Catherine palace is.

Bus to the Catherine palace

Another way to get toTsarskoe Selo  from Saint-Petersburg is to take a  bus. For example, from Moskovskaya metro station to Tsarskoe selo go commercial buses  (so called “marshrutka”) №  342 or 545, their  stop is  next to Moskovskaya ploshad.

Good to know: The Catherine palace is extremely busy from May to September and not guided visitors are allowed inside only during several hours a day, so standing in line to get tickets to the palace can take a lot of time. Guides can book tickets in advance.

Catherine palace tour – see the Amber room and skip the line for tickets
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