Pavlovsk palace tour

Pavlovsk palace in summerA private tour of Pavlovsk allows you to enjoy the elegant beauty of the former summer residence of emperor Paul, the only son of Catherine the Great. In 1777 Catherine gave this land to her son  and in 1780-s a summer palace for him was constructed here to the design by Charles Cameron. Pavlovsk palace is  more “off the beaten track” than the famous Catherine palace in  Tsarskoe Selo or the Grand palace of Peterhof, but no less interesting.

The  palace in Pavlovsk is built in neoclassical style and in my personal opinion it has one of the best interiors. During this tour you will  not only see the elegant and lavishly decorated rooms and  enjoy a walk in the gardens, but will also learn a lot about Paul, one of the most mysterious and controversial Russian emperors.

Pavlovsk park in summerPavlovsk park is very popular among citizens who come there all year round, to ski or sledge in winter and to walk and take pictures in summer, so during  the excursion to Pavlovsk  you’ll also get an idea of everyday  local life. Pavlovsk can be reached by public transport, and I honestly recommend it as it makes the tour cheaper and more flexible with time. It’s also possible to combine private tour of Pavlovsk with a visit to the Catherine palace in Pushkin. In that case you’ll have a private car.

Advantages of our tour:

1. If you visit Pavlovsk only, it’s possible to choose between a private car and public transport that is MUCH cheaper.
2. The tour includes the palace interiors (gala rooms) and a walk in the park
3. Professional and friendly local licenced guide

Prices on this page are valid from September 19 2016.

Pavlovsk palace tour details

# of people in a group2345> people
Price per group,
rubles (USD)
6 900 rub
(120 USD)
8 000 rub
(140 USD)
9 700 rub
(170 USD)
10 300 rub
(180 USD)
upon agreement

Tour duration: approximately 5-6 hours
Availability: daily except Fridays and the first Monday of each month
Transportation: public transport
Requirements: Russian visa. If you are on a cruise, please visit “Shore excursions in St Petersburg”
Payment: cash in rubles after the tour. Please choose notes without visible faults like stamps, pen marks, torn pieces, etc.

Pavlovsk and Catherine palace tour

# of people in a group234> 5 people
Price per group,
rubles (USD)
18 000 rub
22 600 rub
25 500 rub
upon agreement

Tour duration: about 8 hours
Availability: daily except Tuesdays, Fridays and the first Monday of each month
Transportation: private car
Requirements: Russian visa
Payment: cash in rubles  after the tour. Please choose notes without visible faults like stamps, pen marks, torn pieces, etc.

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