Prices in St Petersburg

In spite of the fact that the average salary in St Petersburg is  approximately 1000$ which as you can guess  is significantly lower than salaries in Europe or the USA staying in the city is not cheap and you should expect average European prices. In fact, it is the second most expensive city in Russia after Moscow. Below are approximate prices for some popular goods and services you may need in St Petersburg:

  • A room in a 3 star hotel, low season – 70-80$
  • A room in a 3 star hotel, high season  – 140$
  • A meal in a  fast food like Mc Donald’s, Subway, etc – 6$-8$
  • A meal in a mid-range restaurant – from 20$ without wine
  • A mug with a view of St Petersburg– from 4$
  • A metro ticket – 80 cent (public transport is cheap)
  • Tickets to the museums – 8-16$ (prices depend greatly on a museum)
  • A 0,5 bottle of coke in the city center – 1,5$
  • A taxi ride from Pulkovo to the center  – 21$ (economy class car)
  • A meeting at the airport by English-speaking driver – 32$ (economy class car)

Unfortunately sometimes taxi drivers in St Petersburg try to cheat on tourists and send prices up. And of course prices depend on the company.

Credit cards like Visa  and Mastercard are often accepted in tourist places ( cafes, hotels, etc) mostly in big cities like Moscow or St Petersburg, but do have some cash with you to pay for transport, tickets to some museums, etc. Only Russian rubles are accepted for payment in cash. You may have a lot of trouble with travel cheques so it’s better not to use them at all.

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