Private Tours in St Petersburg

We are offering a variety of private tours of St Petersburg, Russia. The tours listed below are meant for those who arrive  by land or air, cruise ship passengers should visit shore excursions in St Petersburg page.

Tours of Saint-Petersburg we offer:

  • walking tour of  St Petersburg  allows you to see all the main attractions of the city in a few hours and get a lot of practical information from your local guide. Your stay will be much more comfortable after that!
  • Hermitage museum tour is the easiest way to see the largest museum in St Petersburg.  The first option of the tour allows you to see the main masterpieces and marvel at the interiors of the Winter palace while the second option also includes a visit to the General Staff building that houses the famous impressionist collection.
  • Russian museum tour will get you acquainted with the rich history of Russian art from ancient times to XX century. In my opinion, it’s one of the best museums in St Petersburg that boasts a unique collection you won’t find amywhere else!
  • Catherine palace tour (Tsarskoe Selo) allows you to visit the legendary residense of Russiam monarchs including the Amber room without wasting your presious time in lines as we book the tickets in advance. You can choose between public transport (which is really cheap) and a private car.
  • Peterhof tour includes a tour of the magnificent fountain park and optional visit to the Grand palace. If you decide to go to Peterhof by public transport, you will be able to see some of the most beautiful metro stations on the way there.
  • Pavlovsk palace tour includes a visit to the favourite summer residence of emperor Paul, the only son of Catherine the Great, and a walk in its romantic park. In my opinion, the palace in Pavlovsk has the best interiors in classical style you can find anywhere in St Petersburg. Pavlovsk is close to Tsarskoe Selo where the Catherine palace is, so if you use a car it’s possible to visit both residences the same day.
  • Yusupov palace tour will show you one of the most beautiful and mysterious private residences in St Petersburg. You will see splendid gala rooms and will learn a story of Rasputin murder which took place in the paalace.
  • Metro tour is a perfect way to spend your time in the evening or if the weather is really bad. The most beautiful stations in Saint-Petersburg are sometimes called “underground palaces” for their style and rich decorations.
  • White nights evening walking tour of St Petersburg allows you to see the city attractions during the most romantic period when nights in the city are almost as bright as the days. This is a seasonal tour which is offered from May 15th to July 20th.

If you consider booking several excursions, it may be cheaper for you to book one of the ready-made 1-3 days tour programs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to make some changes, we are flexible and will do our best to suit your needs!