What to do in St Petersburg in the evening

what to do in the evening in st petersburg

what to do in the evening in st petersburgWhere to go and what to do in St Petersburg in the evening when all the main museums are closed? Here are some ideas:

Visit the museums of St Petersburg

    • Some museums in St Petersburg are open till late in the evening. For example St Isaac’s cathedral and Savior on Spilt Blood  church are open till 23:00 from May to September (ticket offices close an hour earlier). The territory of Peter and Paul fortress is accessible till 21:00 even in winter ( the museums on its territory will be closed, though). The major attractions of St Petersburg are beautifully illuminated at night and you’ll get completely   different impression of them in the evening.

      Go to the theater

    • Many citizens and tourists in St Petersburg go to the theater in the evening. Mariinsky theater is the highlight of our city and its performances are famous all around the world. Don’t be upset if the performance you wanted to see is not staged during the dates of your stay – you can also check Michailovsky or Alexandrinsky theaters as they are also pretty good.

                    See a folk-show

  • A folk-show is also a nice way to spend an  evening in St Petersburg. One of the most popular  takes place in Nikolaevsky palace, and although we prefer western music to our folk songs now and don’t dance traditional dances in clubs 🙂 it’s still a rather good show.
  • Take a metro tour of St Petersburg
  • In summer  take an evening boat ride to see the opened bridges and attractions of St Petersburg from unusual angle