Where to buy ballet or opera tickets in St Petersburg?

You can buy ballet or opera tickets directly from the websites of two  major theaters of Saint-Petersburg  – Mariinsky and Mikhailovsky  theaters. My personal opinion is that they are the best in our city and although the prices are high, they are worth it.

Mariinsky theater

The most famous of all St Petersburg theaters where you can enjoy classic ballet and opera in the amazing interior. The official site is http://www.mariinsky.ru/en/  , you can buy tickets online but keep in mind that the same policy as in the museums applies here – Russians have special discounted rates.

Mikhailovsky Theater

Situated in the very center of the city next to the Russian museum, Mikhailovskiy theater  is sometimes even considered a rival of Mariinskiy in the beauty and quality of the performances / Official website –  http://www.mikhailovsky.ru/en

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