Yusupov palace tour

Yusupov palace interiorsDuring the tour of Yusupov palace you’ll see one of the most beautiful and mysterious places in St Petersburg. It used to belong to noble Yusupov family who were probably richer than Russian monarchs themselves. The last owner of the palace, Felix Yusupov, was married to the niece of Nicholas II. But the palace is known not only for its lavishly decorated interiors,  but also for the murder of Grigory  Rasputin that took place there.  During the Yusupov palace tour you will learn about the  Yusupov family, marvel at the intricate beauty of the rooms and listen to the mysterious story of the Rasputin murder. A real gem of the palace is also a small private theater that captured the atmosphere of XIX century.

The tour covers reception rooms of the palace and the exhibition dedicated to   Rasputin. The excursion lasts about 2 hours.
Prices on this page are valid from September 19 2016.

Price  of Yusupov palace private tour:

№ of people in a group 1 2 3 4 5 6 >6
price per group, museum tickets included* 120$ 120$ 140$ 180$ 200$ 240$ upon agree

*Payment is made in rubles after the tour.
Russian visa is required for this tour. If you are on a cruise, please visit Shore excursions in St petersburg page