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Ballet in St Petersburg

Of course, many visitors of  St Petersburg want to see a ballet. But what theater to choose? I strongly recommend only two places for ballet in St Petersburg: Mariinsky or Mikhailovsky theaters.

Mariinsky is the most famous ballet theater in St Petersburg. Its main building was open to the public in 1860 and the interior looks just amazing. In 2013 The New Stage was built nearby, and even though the new building looks strange compared to its older and more famous brother, it can boast good acoustics and stylish interior. You can see the playbill and book the tickets on the official website Pay attention to which stage you are buying the tickets: the New Stage is called Mariinsky -2, there is also Mariinsky concert hall that is another stage that belongs to the theater. Try to book the tickets as long in advance as possible, they are sold out quickly in spite of the high price.

Mikhailovsky theater is another great place  to see ballet in St Petersburg. It’s a smaller theater that is situated in the center of St Petersburg a few steps away from the Russian museum. You can find the playbill on the official website Unfortunately, sometimes they have problems accepting foreign credit cards, but it works most of the time.

Of course, there are many other places  in St Petersburg where you can see ballet, but, most likely,  the quality of performances won’t be as high. Popular options include the Hermitage museum and Alexandrinsky theater. Both places don’t have their ballet companies, so they are renting the stage to different groups, especially in summer when there are more tourists and the famous theaters may be touring or on holidays. I cannot say that something is terribly wrong with them, just don’t expect something outstanding as quality may differ.