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souvenirs from st petersburg

Souvenirs from St Petersburg

Shopping for souvenirs in St Petersburg  is a part of almost every trip. But what  to bring back home  & what are the best places to buy souvenirs ? Here you will find some  ideas. You can buy the majority of common budget souvenirs in the center of St Petersburg at the souvenir market by […]

ballet st petersburg

Ballet in St Petersburg

Of course, many visitors of  St Petersburg want to see a ballet. But what theater to choose? I strongly recommend only two places for ballet in St Petersburg: Mariinsky or Mikhailovsky theaters. Mariinsky is the most famous ballet theater in St Petersburg. Its main building was open to the public in 1860 and the interior […]

russian money exchange

Money exchange in St Petersburg. Insider’s tips.

Money exchange in St Petersburg is an important question for everybody who is coming as a tourist. Can I pay in Euro or USD, are credit cards accepted? Some insider’s tips  that will make you stay in St Petersburg much easier. 1. National currency is Russian rouble, so USD or Euro are not accepted anywhere except […]


The citizens of 53 countries can visit St Petersburg with a free electronic visa

The citizens of 53 countries can  visit St. Petersburg and its neighboring Leningrad region with a free electronic visa from October 1, 2019.  The list of the countries includes Austria, Andorra, Bahrain, Belgium, Bulgaria, China (including Taiwan), Croatia, Cyprus, The Czech Republic, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, […]

catherine palace st petersburg

Catherine palace in St Petersburg

The Catherine palace near St Petersburg is one of the most visited attractions . This former summer residence of tsars is famous for stunning baroque-style interiors, opulent Amber room and a nice park. The Catherine  palace is situated in a suburb called Pushkin (but the historical name of the place is Tsarskoe Selo that means […]

The Hermitage museum in St Petersburg

In my opinion, the Hermitage museum is a must-do even for those who don’t really like art. It’s much more than a typical art gallery: it has amazing interiors filled with world-class paintings and sculptures. Even if you won’t be interested in art, you will like the decoration of the rooms. The Hermitage is the […]

Hermitage treasuries: Gold and Diamond rooms

The Hermitage museum has two treasuries – they are usually nicknamed the Gold and the Diamond room. Each of them require special tickets that can be bought either at the ticket office (just a very limited number of them is available) or on the website of the museum . The treasuries can be visited only […]

7 things you need to consider when you plan a cruise to St Petersburg.

1. You need to join an organized shore excursion by any local tour company in Saint-Petersburg if you don’t want to get Russian tourist visa.  (The only exception is for those who come from a country that has a visa-free agreement with Russia). Such tours are to be booked in advance. Remember, you can leave the ship only with a tour […]

Museum of railway transport in Saint-Petersburg

In October 2017 the new Museum of Railway Transport was opened in St Petersburg, Russia. It’s the largest museum of this kind in Europe that occupies more than 50000 m2 and exhibits 115 trains,  steam locomotives and coaches from the beginning of the XX century to our days. The museum became very popular from the […]