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How to get to Pavlovsk

Train to Pavlovsk There are several ways to get to Pavlovsk from Saint-Petersburg. First of all, you can take a train from Vitebsky train station  which is situated next to Pushkinskaya metro station. The one-way trip will take you about 40 minutes, trains leave every 20-30 minutes. Pavlovsk train station is situated right in front […]

How to get to the Catherine palace

The Catherine palace is one of the main attractions of St Petersburg. It’s situated in a suburb called Tsarskoe Selo (also known as Pushkin) about 25 km from St Petersburg. Unfortunately the metro doesn’t go this far, so it’s not so easy to get to the Catherine palace if you are a tourist. The options […]

Budget places to eat in St Petersburg

In spite of the fact that St Petersburg is a rather expensive city, its’ s possible to find budget places to eat even in the center. Of course, like any other big  city, Saint-Petersburg has global fast food chains like Mc Donald’s, Sbarro, KFC or Subway. But what if you want to try local food […]

Where to buy ballet or opera tickets in St Petersburg?

A visit to the  theater to see a ballet or listen to an  opera is a must-do for many tourists who come to St Petersburg. Nevertheless,   theater tickets  sold on internet by intermediaries are very often quite expensive. And there are several theaters, so which one to choose? When I am asked what the best […]

How to get to Peterhof

There are several options to get to Peterhof   from Saint-Petersburg: hydrofoil, train or bus. Don’t forget that Peterhof fountains function only during the warm time of the year, usually from May to early October, exact dates are different  each year. Besides that, we offer hassle-free private transfers with English-speaking driver and  private tours of […]

Transport in St Petersburg

Transport system in St Petersburg is well-developed.  The centre of the city where main attractions can be found is quite walkable and not too big, but you may need public transport to get to/from the airport, to reach train stations, not too central places of interest or just to save time. Keep in mind that you can […]

How to get from Pulkovo airport to the centre of St Petersburg?

Pulkovo, the  airport of St Petersburg, is situated about  15  kilometers from the city centre. It has several terminals: Pulkovo 1, New Pulkovo 1 and Pulkovo2, but at the moment only the modern New Pulkovo 1 terminal is functioning and  serving both national and international flights.  There are several options to get from/to Pulkovo airport […]

D2 “Narodovolets” submarine

Even some natives of Saint-Petersburg wonder when I say that there is a real submarine you can visit in our city.   «Narodovolets» was  one of the first soviet submarines. Built in 1929, it participated in WWII and served till 1956, then it was turned into a training station and finally, in 1993, it was made […]

Useful words in Russian for tourists

Here you can find some useful Russian words that will make your trip more comfortable. I won’t give you any phrases as many other sites do as I can’t figure out how you are supposed to understand the answer. 🙂 capital letters mark where the stress is. Здравствуйте ( ZdrAvstvuyte) – Hello До свидания ( […]