Hermitage treasuries: Gold and Diamond rooms

The Hermitage museum has two treasuries – they are usually nicknamed the Gold and the Diamond room. Each of them require special tickets that can be bought either at the ticket office (just a very limited number of them is available) or on the website of the museum . The treasuries can be visited only with a tour that usually lasts 1-1,5 hours (for each treasury). If you want to visit both of them, you will need tickets for each one. As a rule, they have only one English tour a day. Tickets to the treasuries  can be booked on the website of the Hermitage  museum  https://www.hermitageshop.org/tours/

The Diamond room has a collection of royal jewelry and diplomatic gifts to Russian tzars. It’s impressive, but if you want to see the largest diamonds and the crown of Russia – they are in the Diamond fund in Moscow, not at the Hermitage. But still you will see lots of diamonds and other gems.

The Gold room is a bit less popular, but in fact more unusual as it has a unique collection of Scythian and Ancient Greek gold. The technology they used and the skill of goldsmith in Ancient Greece if just unbelievable.

Hermitage treasuries tours can be included into our private Hermitage museum tour.