How to get to Pavlovsk

Train to Pavlovsk

There are several ways to get to Pavlovsk from Saint-Petersburg. First of all, you can take a train from Vitebsky train station  which is situated next to Pushkinskaya metro station. The one-way trip will take you about 40 minutes, trains leave every 20-30 minutes. Pavlovsk train station is situated right in front of the park, so you won’t miss it. Parlovsk palace is situated deep inside the park. Pavlovsk is a  favorite park of many citizens of St Petersburg where they come to ski or  sledge in winter or simply take a walk during the warm season.  After getting to Pavlovsk  You  will avoid crowds of tourists and will be able to see everyday Russian life.

Bus to Pavlovsk

Another way  to get to Pavlovsk is to take a  commercial bus Russians call “marshrutka”.  Marshrutka #299 leaves from near Moskovskaya metro station, you need to take exit to Altayskaya street. The stop is behind the monument to Lenin. The one-way journey will take you about an hour. I would recommend to take a train as it may be not easy for a foreigner to find the right bus to get to Pavlovsk, although you can see some interesting examples of Stalinist architecture  on Moskovsky avenue.

Pavlovsk private tour