Metro in St Petersburg

How to use metro in St Petersburg

Metro is the most popular means of public transport in St Petersburg as almost half of the citizens are using it daily. Currently we have 5 metro lines our city  that connect residential and central parts of the city. Although different stations have different opening and closing time, generally metro functions between 05:40 and 0:20-0:30. There are signs in English in metro, so it’s relatively easy to navigate.

Metro tickets

For a single metro ride in St Petersburg tokens are  used, in Russian we call them “zheton”. Also you can buy a card for several metro rides, for the majority of tourists the right choice will be a 10-ride card that is valid for a week. It’s cheaper than buying tokens for every single ride.

pushkinskaya metro stationThe most beautiful metro stations in St Petersburg

Metro stations  in St Petersburg are  sometimes called underground palaces for their beauty. The first stations were opened in 1955 and they astonished everyone with their abundant decorations of  mosaics, sculpture and natural stone. The most beautiful stations of St Petersburg metro are situated on the first, “red” line. When the first line was launched,  each station of St Petersburg metro was dedicated to a specific event or person and was meant to glorify the achievements of soviet people and leaders. For example, decorations of the most famous station – Avtovo – are dedicated to heroic defenders of Leningrad and our victory in WWII. Traveling by St Petersburg metro you’ll read a whole book of history from the foundation of St Petersburg to modern times.

St Petersburg metro also impresses everyone by its depth. As the soil is swampy, you need to dig deep and so the average depth of stations is 50-75 meters, and the deepest station is even more impressive!

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