Where to buy ballet or opera tickets in St Petersburg?

A visit to the  theater to see a ballet or listen to an  opera is a must-do for many tourists who come to St Petersburg. Nevertheless,   theater tickets  sold on internet by intermediaries are very often quite expensive. And there are several theaters, so which one to choose? When I am asked what the best theaters are, I always recommend Mariinsky or Mikhailovsky theaters. They are rather expensive, yes, but it’s better to spend your money on something really worthy and not to spoil your once-in-a -lifetime experience. And you can buy opera or ballet tickets directly from the websites  of these theaters that is very often cheapest way.

Mariinsky theater

The most famous of all St Petersburg theaters where you can enjoy classic ballet and opera in the amazing interior. The official site is http://www.mariinsky.ru/en/  , you can buy tickets online but keep in mind that  special policy applies here – Russians have special discounted rates. Also note that they use different buildings. The most popular are the historical building (called Mariinsky when you buy a ticket) and the new modern building of Mariinsky theater  that is next to the old one (called Mariinsky 2). So, if you want to see the old stage, buy the right tickets for “Mariinsky”.

Mikhailovsky Theater

Situated in the very center of the city next to the Russian museum, Mikhailovskiy theater  is  considered a rival of Mariinskiy thater  in the beauty and quality of the performances . Unfortunately on some occasions tourists have problems with payment when they book tickets from abroad on their website, but it’s unpredictable –  sometimes everything works fine, sometimes no. Official website –  http://www.mikhailovsky.ru/en