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During the tour of Yusupov palace you’ll see one of the most beautiful and mysterious places in St Petersburg. It belonged to the noble Yusupov family who were probably richer than Russian monarchs themselves. The last owner of the palace, Felix Yusupov, was a husband of the niece of Nicholas II.   On  Yusupov palace tour you will learn about  the owners & the misterious story of Rasputin murder. The beauty of the rooms is really stunning. A real gem of the palace is  a small private theater that captured the atmosphere of the XIXth century.

Yusupov family owned the palace from 1830 until the revolution of 1917. Due to their wealth and taste, the family accumulated an incredible art collection of works by the most famous artists and sculptors. While some of the works were taken to the Hermitage museum after the revolution, you can still see some amazing pieces. The interiours are very diverse and reflect the taste of owners and the fashion of the day. Yusupov palace is smaller compared to the Hermitage or the Catherine palace, but it’s totally different and you can see how noble families lived in the 19th century.

Yusupov palace is also famous for Rasputin who was killed there. On a tour you will see a room dedicated to Rasputin murder and you will learn the fascinating story of his life and death . (And you have a unique opportunity to ask your guide if Rasputin “was a lover of the Russian queen” as a popular song suggested). 🙂

The Yusupov palace is situated slightly off the main roads. In order to get there, we usually take public transport or Uber.

Advantages of Yusupov palace tour:

– the tour includes gala rooms of Yusupov palace and Rasputin exhibition,
– private licensed guide

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All about the Yusupov palace tour.

Yusupov palace tour details:

Availability: daily
Requirements: Russian visa. If you are on a cruise, please contact us to customize the tour and make it visa-free.
Duration: about 2 hours (may take longer depending on the location of your hotel. You will spend about 1,5 hours in the palace itself)
Note:  A tour of Yusupov palace is quite expensive for small groups as the administration of the palace charges a high price for admission of guided visitors. In order to make it a better value for money, it’s good to combine this tour with a guided visit of other places the same day.
Payment: Via bank transfer or Paypal beforehand in USD, or cash in roubles on the day of the tour.  If payment is made in roubles,  Russian Cental Bank’s rate on the date of payment is used.

Tour price:

Number of people in a groupPrice per person,


The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • licenced knowledgable & friendly private guide
  • museum tickets
Whats not included in this tour.Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • transportation if needed (usually public transport or Uber depending on the location of your hotel)